I teach the following courses:

Business 101 - Contempory Business - 3 Credits.

An introductory course designed to give the student an overview of the impact of business on society. The course is intended to aid the student in obtaining a clear understanding of the way in which contemporary business functions through the interrelationships of marketing, management, and finance. Not open to students with previous credit in BUS 121 and/or BUS 230.

Business 230 - Business Management - 3 Credits

A study of the management process with a survey of managerial and organizational theories. Specific topics will include planning, organizing, supervision, control, labor relations, and the functions of decision-making. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing, Permission of Instructor.

Business 233 - Small Business Management - 3 Credits

This course is the study of principles of management related to the establishment and operation of a small business enterprise. Topics will include small business start-up (economic and legal aspects), organization and financing concerns, location and facilities layout, employee relations, merchandising, and control techniques.

Business 290 - Business Internship - 3 Credits

A course designed to prepare students to work after graduation. Course requirements include: Student/employer/college contracts, 180 hours of work experience, completion of a Work Journal, and a CourseTerm Paper.

CIS 100 - Principles of Information Studies

An introductory course in computer fundamentals, covering computer hardware, software, and business applications. A significant portion of the course is devoted to the use of modern applications software packages such as word processing and spreadsheet software. The course involves extensive hands-on exposure to both time-sharing and microcomputer systems.