Continue Your Musical Education at O.C.C.!


Instruction in Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass performance is available for music majors and non-majors through the O.C.C. Music Department.  In addition to private instruction the O.C.C. music department also offers ensemble opportunities through its repertory classes and the String Ensemble.  If you have played any of these instruments in the past and wish to continue your musical education this is your chance.  Contact the Music Department for more information (ext. 2256 on campus or 315-498-2256 off campus).

String Music Faculty:

yl_ball.gif (233 bytes) Darryl Pugh, Bass
yl_ball.gif (233 bytes) George Macero, Cello
yl_ball.gif (233 bytes) Kit Dodd, Violin & Viola

All String Faculty members perform with the 
Syracuse Symphony Orchestra


  Cassatt String Quartet visits OCC 



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