Onondaga Community College                 ENV 110:  Field Experience in ENV

Syracuse, NY                          Section: 001  Spring 2011

Course Information:

Room: Ferrante 359                                          

Fri 1:35-2:30 pm 1/28 4/1, 4/15 & 4/29/11

8:00am-4:00pm Saturday 4/9 & 4/23/11

Instructors:                                         phone: (315) 498-2722 & -2477

Mr. Brian McAninch & Ms. Meg Harris                                       http://myhome.sunyocc.edu/~mcanincb/

Offices: Ferrante 369 & 350                                                    E-mail: mcanincb@sunyocc.edu &


Course Objectives: A one credit field course designed for those students contemplating a career in Environmental Technology. The class will visit active, unrestricted sites currently undergoing remediation for soil and/or water contamination and active geologic research sites involving other types of hazards.  Sampling protocols and proper field note taking will be practiced.  Three classroom sessions and two all day field trips will occur during September and October of the fall semester.  It is the purposes of this course that students:

This course satisfies a requirement for the ETG curriculum.  This course consists of three (3), one-hour lecture periods, and two one-day field trips. 

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory.  You are expected to attend all classes, arrive on time, and remain until class is completed.  Tardiness will be counted as an absence.  There are no make-up times for missed class periods.  Your absence will constitute a failure of the class.

Academic Honesty: Students are allowed (expected) to work together on field experience activities; however, written class work that is turned in must be in your own words.   Students who hand in identical answers will be subject to disciplinary action. 

Evaluation: Your final grade will be determined as follows: 33% participation & decorum; 66% field notes recorded in the field notebook.

Participation: students are expected to be attentive, respond to questions, ask questions and participate in all field activities during the two one-day field trips.  In addition all students are expected to be polite and are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner.  Grades will be assigned based on the level of participation and decorum presented by the student.

Field notebooks: students are expected to complete notebooks during the field trip, and collect their notes in organized and legible manner.  Grades will be assigned based on the completeness, amount of detail, and organization of the student’s notes. 


Course Schedule





January 28, 2011

Introduction to Course



March 25, 2011

Logistics for Field trips



April 9, 2011

Meet @ 9:00 am OCC Ferrante 1 Parking Lot southwest shore of Onondaga Lake Honeywell Cleanup and soil sampling techniques



April 15, 2011

Field trip to Jamesville Quarry, Meet in F367 at 1:30 to carpool to the Quarry



April 23, 2011


Meet @ 9:00 am OCC  Ferrante 1 Parking Lot, and practice water sampling techniques Tully Valley



April 29, 2011


Final Class – Discussion with Environmental Professional