Onondaga Community College                 ENV 205: Hydrology

Syracuse, NY                                             Spring 2011


Course Information:

Room: F367 Ferrante                                        Textbook: Applied Hydrogeology 4th Ed.,

Section: 001 (Lect. Mon & Wedn 1:35-3:00 pm                    by C.W. Fetter, Prentice Hall, Inc.

                     Lab Thurs 2:00-4:50 pm)                                2nd & 3rd Editions also accepted

                                                                                                                                ISBN      4th  0-13-088239-9

                                                                                                                                                3rd  0-02-336490-4

                                                                                                                                                2nd  0-675-20887-4


Instructor:                                           phone: (315) 498-2722 office number

Mr. Brian McAninch                                                                 http://myhome.sunyocc.edu/~mcanincb/

Office: 369 Ferrante                                                               E-mail: mcanincb@sunyocc.edu

Env/Geo tutoring Mon 11:05-12:30 pm

Office Hours: Mon & Wedn 3-4:00pm, Tues 11-12:30 & Fri 12:00-12:30.


Course Objectives: To introduce students to fundamental concepts and methods of analysis pertaining to the flow of surface/groundwater, water resources, water quality and contamination.  Lab and classroom experience will include: the physics of water; descriptions & mathematics of its movements in the surface water, vadose & groundwater settings; basic elements of soil mechanics & soil description; exploratory drilling & well installation; conducting and analyzing a pump test; surface water flow analysis & measurement; and analysis techniques for water chemistry.

Due to the nature of hydrological testing & methods some lab time will used for lecture and some lecture time may be used for laboratory exercises.  In addition, in order to conduct field exercises, it maybe useful to have a Saturday lab once.  We will arrange this around everyone’s schedule in class. 

This course consists of two (2), one & one-half hour lectures, and one (1) three-hour laboratory per week.  Prerequisites or co-requisites for the course are MAT 143 or MAT 151.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory.  You are expected to attend all classes, arrive on time, and remain until class is completed.  Tardiness will be counted as an absence.  Make-up times for exams and laboratories will ONLY be allowed if you have given the instructor prior notification of your absence and have arranged to complete the missed exam or lab.  Make-up work must be completed within one (1) week of the original exam or quiz.  Frequent absences will lower your course grade.

Laboratory Field Trips: Attendance is mandatory for field trips and will involve some climbing up and down. These field trips require you bring appropriate foot ware & clothing, and you should bring paper, calculator & pencil/pen along as well. 

Academic Honesty: Students are allowed to work together on any homework & laboratory exercises; however, written class work that is turned in must be in your own words.   All laboratory write-ups must be your own work.  Students who hand in identical answers will be subject to disciplinary action; that is loss of grade for the exercise or automatic failure of the class.  All work performed on exams is to be performed by yourself.  Any student violating this rule for the exams will automatically fail the entire course.

Evaluation: Your final grade will be determined as follows: 30% laboratory exercises, 20% homework exercises, 50% exams (exams: two midterms [15% each] and one final [20%]).  Your lab grade will be based on your performance on lab exercises, with lab exercises due within one week of completing the lab.  Homework exercises will be due within one week of being handed out to the class, unless otherwise noted.


Weekly Course Schedule




Jan 24, 2011

Class Introduction, History of Hydrogeology, begin on Properties of Water.

Chapter 1

Lecture during Lab

Jan 31, 2011


Properties of Water & Media,

Chapter 3.1-3.3, 6.1-6.6, Lecture during Lab

Feb 7, 2011


Finish Properties of Media, Hydrologic Cycle, begin Surface Water Flow

Chapters 1.3, 2.1-2.5, & 3.4 & 3.6, Lab Soil Properties

Feb 14, 2011


Surface Water Flow & Measurement & Begin Fundamentals of Flow

Chapter 2.6-2.14

Lecture during Lab

Feb 21, 2011


Fundamentals of Flow cont.,

Darcy Column Experiment Lab.

Chapters 3.4-3.5, 4.1-4.6, skip 4.4  Lab Darcy Column

1st Lab Report

Feb 28, 2011


Hydrostratigraphy, Water Table and Potentiometric Maps, Water Level Measurement - Review Session   First Exam (Mar 3rd)

Chapters 3.6-3.12

Lab Handout on Contouring

Exam during Lab

Mar 7, 2011

Finish Water Level Measurement, Begin Application of Darcy’s Law to Hydrogeology

Chapters 4.11-4.14

Lab Stream Flow I or lecture (weather dependent)

Mar 14, 2011


Spring Break

       No Classes


Mar 21, 2011

Application of Darcy’s Law to Hydrogeology cont., and Flow Nets, Flow Net Lab

Chapters 4.11-4.14; extra reading 4.7-4.10;

Lab Flow Nets

Mar 28, 2011

Pumping Equations and Flow to a Well – Steady State

Chapters 4.7-4.10, 5.1-5.5,

Lab Stream Flow II or lecture (weather dependent)

Apr 4, 2011

Pumping Equations and Flow to a Well, Single well tests (Slug tests) – Transient Pump Test Lab

Chapter 5.1-5.5 & 5.6; Pump-Test Lab (In the Field) 

1st Take-Home Lab

Apr 11, 2011

 Begin Groundwater Quality & Chemistry

Review Session then Second Exam (Apr. 14th)

Chapter 9.1-9.4, 9.10;

Exam during Lab

Apr 18, 2011

Groundwater Quality & Chemistry cont.

Chapter 9.12-9.14 & 10;

Slug Test Lab (In the Field)

2nd Take-home Lab

Apr 25, 2011

Groundwater Quality & Chemistry cont.

Water Quality Lab

Chapter 10; Water Quality Lab (In the Field) & Modeling Demo

May 2, 2011

Contamination Problems: (MTBE, DNAPL’s, etc.), and Groundwater Modeling, Modeling Demo

Chapter 8.1-8.2, 8.3.1-8.3.2, 8.6-8.9, & 10.6-10.8

Review during Lab

May 9-14, 2011

Review Session (to be scheduled)

Final Exam (to be scheduled)