Calvin K. Prothro; PG

Assistant Professor of Geology & Planetary Science

Chemistry and Physical Sciences Department

Office: Ferrante Hall 371


Office Telephone: 315-498-2062

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Calvin's Schedule


Physical Geology (GEO-151 and GEO-151L)
Lecture Syllabus

Lab Syllabus

Class Power Points

Virtual Earthquake




Introduction to Planetary Science

(SCI-104 and 104L)

Lab Syllabus

Oceanography (GEO-105)


Class Power Points

Description: Description: Description:

Environmental Geology (GEO-106)


Class Power Points

Field Trip Course for Environmental Technology (ENV-110)


Introduction to Physics and Chemistry



Introduction to Forensic Geology (GEO-203)

Lab Syllabus

Description: Description: Description: Description: H:\public_html\index_files\Book Stuff\Both Bookks.jpg

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See media appearances * Virginia Earthquake (8/24/11)


See media appearances * Russian Meteor Impact (2/15/13)


United States Geological Survey


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration




Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Geology Club Home Page


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Photos from GEO-151 Field Trips

Photos from the Field Trip Course for Environmental Technology



C.K. Prothro (Spring 2014)